The Magical Pools Of Tuscany

The Cascate del Mulino (in English the Waterfalls of the Mill), also known as the Cascatelle di Saturnia, is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking spots not just in Italy, but in the entire world too, and is surely not to be missed. Located on the grounds of an old mill in the vineyards and hills of the Tuscan countryside, the Cascate del Mulino consists of limestone pools filled with the most dreamy blue, warm water.  This natural wonder is rather surreal and is to be found just a few kilometers away from the small Italian village of Saturnia.  

This has been a popular spot for people across the globe to come to visit for decades, in fact, since the time of the Roman empire. Many back in the day believed that the magical waters of the Cascate del Mulino, rich in sulfur and a variety of other minerals were capable of curing their illnesses. Today, although less commonly believed to have healing powers, it’s become a tourist hot-spot for those looking for a picture-perfect experience to take to Instagram, and as cliche, as it may sound, it looks like a real-life paradise and also feels like one too, with waters always at 37 degrees Celsius, even on a chilly winter morning.  

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It’s straight out of a fairytale and is one of the very few free ‘spas’ of the area – making it a travel spot that really can’t be beaten.  The water at this paradise flows 12 months a year, however, its most recommended to come during the winter months, or towards the end of fall in order to have the most peaceful experience without the crowds of people.   And although the waters here aren’t quite deep enough to go for a full-out swim, just lying out here is already enough of a memorable experience, we promise!