The Magical Book

A very talented, unique and creative Japanese experimental artist and novelist has managed to capture the imaginations of thousands.

Uka Ohashi has created a book that appears to be magical. The letters shine brighter and brighter as the reader comes closer to the end of the story.

Ohashi is studying design at an art university at the moment, and as part of a class assignment, she created her amazing book based on a book that she also wrote herself.

At first, she wanted to make the entire book glow, however since she was short on time she made only the conclusion a proof on concept.  Nonetheless, it still proved to be an incredible piece of work.

She used a very precise laser cutter to cut out the Japanese characters into her book, and bound them together in a book using a LED strip.  The LED, when activated, makes for a magical and warm light that shines through the pages.

Unfortunately for those fantasy fans out there, the book is not yet available commercially. But based on social media response, this artist definitely has a following.

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