The Luxurious And Quirky Giraffe Chandelier

If you’re looking for something luxurious, unique, and maybe even a little weird too, then we surely have just what you need. And if you’ve got some extra money just sitting around that you really have no productive use for, then you will especially appreciate what we’re about to present to you (but we can also offer better suggestions too TBH). So how does a giant giraffe chandelier lamp to you? Maybe even two or three? Don’t worry, no actual animals were harmed in the making. These decorative giraffes have chandeliers in their mouths, and it’s the ultimate way to step up your style game around the house without following the crowd. 

These unique lamps known as ‘Giraffe in love’ are the product of Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, a not-to-be-missed Italian designer.  The idea behind this creation is to represent both lightness and irony, according to the description of the product. The giraffe is in love, but she’s not aware of this fact just yet since her heart is placed so far away from her head. Even if it doesn’t make complete sense to you,  this is the idea that they’re going for at least, and these giraffe chandeliers make for a great way to spruce up any home or backyard, functioning both as a chandelier bringing light into any space, as well as adding a funky element of quirkiness and luxury. 

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These chandeliers come in three different sizes, with the largest version standing at an impressive 13 feets, nearly the same height as a young giraffe, and comes at a retail fee of $40,000. There’s a small version that costs (only) $4,000 since it’s made of plastic, is only 100 meters, and is to be mounted on the wall without it standing on its own two feet. How many are you taking?

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