The Low Down On Babies Born In Space

When it comes to human colonization, the first step is figuring out how to get people to Mars. Possibly even further too.  Evolutionary biologist Scott Solomon however is less concerned with the way in which humans will explore the universe. 

Solomon is actually much more worried about what will happen to our human species once we settle down on space and make it our home. He believes that babies born in space might not even be human. 

Solomon has expressed that he has fears that those living in space could eventually evolved into something completely different than we are – so much so that they could be an entirely different species. 

From his understanding, living in space could cause a variety of changes in the human species, such as decreased bone density due to the low-gravity environment. This could be dangerous for example when a mother is giving birth, with an increased risk of fracturing her pelvis.

This would perhaps make cesareans the common thing to do up there in space, which in turn could lead to larger heads since they wouldn’t be any constraints from the birth canal. 

Solomon believes that may even develop new skin pigment types by living in space, similar to the melanin that we have to protect ourselves from UV rays on earth. What this means is that the future of humans may have different skin colors, another alarming factor that we may be starting an entirely new species. 

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