The Loss of An Airpod

One of the most essential pieces of technology besides a phone or a computer is headphones. Without this accessory, one can not listen to music in their ears without someone hearing what they are blaring while hitting the gym or studying. This is why headphones are one of the greatest inventions of all time.

With this being the case, headphone design has continuously changed over time. Not too long ago, Apple took headphones to the extreme by introducing Airpod’s. This design is one that quickly circulated throughout the globe. Now, with most music listeners using the one and only, Apple Airpods.

As they come with many advantages and features, these Airpods are known for there great ability to lose them. Since they are not large or connected to a cable, these accessories are super easy to misplace, which is why many are hesitant to purchase the item especially with the cost being so high.

This being a worry, Apple actually provides the consumer with the ability to replace the item. Even though one doesn’t want this to be the case, loosing one Airpod does not call for buying an entirely new set. Apple sells the physical Airpod alone, for users that do exactly what was expected, to lose them.