The Loneliness Pill

Loneliness is one of the least understood feelings, and one of the least clinically recognized emotional states out there.  Feeling lonely can have long-term effects on our physical well-being, and with nearly fifty percent of American’s reported to feel lonely either always or sometimes, we’ve got a seriously lonely world in front of us.

When it comes to medical conditions in the Western world, there’s a pill for it all, whether it be stomach problems, heart problems, muscle pains, and even depression and anxiety have been made treatable problems with a simple pill. But loneliness is something that is yet to be conquered with a pill.

Scientists have now started to work on one however.  They believe that a neurosteroid called pregnenolone, which is known to ease anxiety from the mind, as well as reduce the perception of potential dangers will be the answer to creating a pill for loneliness.

The goal of the pill however is not to eliminate the feelings of loneliness, but to prevent these feelings from causing harmful effects to both the body and the mind.

Of course, there are many non-clinical ways to help reduce feelings of loneliness, such as simply joining a club, but for those that feel as though they’ve exhausted all options, there may be some hope. In the meantime though, go visit your friends and family and give them a hug.