The Lion House

South Africa is home to a unique property known as the Lion House.  This rentable home allows travelers to experience what it feels like to live in the middle of a nature reserved, surrounded by an impressive seventy seven lions.

That’s right. Tourists go to sleep to the sound of lions roaring, and know that the only thing protecting them from these wild animals is an electrified fence.

This very special home contains three bedrooms and is located in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary in Harrismith, South Africa. Unlike most other hotels or rental apartments, this home does not feature basic amenities such as television or air conditioning. However, the lions that it offers cannot be found anywhere else.

The Lion House is without a doubt one of the most unique and special properties available on Airbnb. Visitors not only get to have a once in a lifetime experience, but they can also feel good about knowing that their money goes directly to benefiting the lions and ensuring that they get everything they need.

The Lion House can hold up to six people and only costs $104 per night.

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