The Largest Banksy Exhibit

Toronto is hosting one of the largest Banksy exhibits, with an exciting 80 pieces of the artist’s original works that will be placed on display at what was once a munitions plant.

The exhibitions has already gained tons of bustle in Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Auckland. Toronto will be the next urban city to showcase works by this highly controversial modern artist.

The exhibition is expected to be thought provoking and is intended to include some of Bansky’s most popular works, even including Balloon Girl, the most beloved piece in the UK.

Banksy has been for several years already both a political activist as well as a well known artist, however he has yet to reveal his identity.

He is also known for his special displays and sculptures.  His street art can be seen across the globe, on city walls, streets, buildings and bridges, unless it’s been either stolen or vandalized.

This exhibition is not to be missed.

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