The Japanese Fictional City

A group of Japanese Minecraft enthusiasts have invested the past three years creating an incredibly realistic city in the popular block-building video game. Their work has left people with their jaws dropped, impressed like no other.

Sayama City was unveiled for the first time in 2016 and was immediately given a ton of attention from fans.  The level of detail for every building shown in the feature video, as well as in the uploaded photos were seriously impressive, with many expressing thoughts that it was the most amazing Minecraft city they’ve ever seen.

Everything in Sayama City is featured in the greatest possible detail, including its temples, ferris wheels, arching bridges, skyscrapers and colorful billboards.

It’s not been made quite clear how many people have been working on the virtual city, but regardless, their achievement deserves to be praised.

Quite obviously, there are people who will always find flaws. Some commented that that this is merely a virtual sculpture, and that none of the buildings have a detailed interior that can be explored in.

But just looking at the exterior should be enough to blow anyone’s mind away.

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