The Incredible Holi Festival

The incredible and colorful Hindu festival also known as the Festival of Spring, the Festival of Colors, and the Festival of Love, is a celebration of good over evil. The celebration marks the end of winter and the introduction to spring.  It is an annual chance for people to come together as they share dances and laughter while throwing paint at each other and letting go of the past. Here are some pictures that truly capture the magic of the festival.


All The Feels




The Holi festival is a festival of love and colors – and what better way to represent that than being completely covered, head to toe in red paint? We’re feeling all the love right now from this beautiful woman.



Party Like There’s No Tomorrow




The Holi festival is all about partying like there’s no tomorrow, without any worries in the world. People come ready to get dirty and filled with paint – and know that it’s something they’ll figure out later on. First thing is first – time to celebrate!


Laugh Until You Cry




The Holi festival is a time to just be yourself and enjoy with your friends and family – leaving everything behind as you enter the new, fresh season. Laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh some more until you simply can’t any more, or until tears come out.



Festival Fun


GettyImages/Hindustan Times/Hindustan Times


The Holi festival is all about letting go, forgiving and forgetting. Part of letting go means allowing yourself to get dirty and fully immersing yourself in the fun! There will always be time to shower later.


Shameless Style




When it comes to the Holi festival, it’s all about the colors. Colors, colors, colors and more colors! There’s no shame in the world in having endless colors all over your body. In fact, the more the merrier! Matching and being clean is for another day.



Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


GettyImages/HindustanTimes/Hindustan Times


It’s true! Girls really just want to have fun. But then again, don’t we all just want to have fun? Of course we do! The annual Holi festival is the perfect time to do just that – get down and dirty to welcome the spring in style and cheer.


Friendly Feud


GettyImages/HindustanTimes/Hindustan Times


While on any other occasion getting dirty and ruining your clothing isn’t exactly desired, nor is throwing things at your friends and family – when it comes to the Holi festival, it’s all really just a friendly, harmless feud that has only the best of intentions.



Dance Like No One’s Watching


GettyImages/ HindustanTimes/ HindustanTimes


Even if there are thousands of people watching – you’ve still got to dance like no one is watching, because that’s what the incredible Holi festival is all about. Letting go of your worries, and opening a new, fresh chapter filled with love.


Pure Joy


GettyImages/HindustanTimes/Hindustan Times


Hindus believe that the Holi festival is the one day a year that the God’s look away. It’s a chance for people to rid their demons before starting a new season- spring.  The more you laugh, smile, dance and share special moments with your loved ones, the more you’re likely to rid yourself of evil.



Holi Moly




While most people of course don’t exactly look their best at this messy, carefree, relaxed festival, some of course, such as the Bollywood stars, show up still looking as perfect and put together as can be.  Well, that’s the beauty – it’s inviting to everyone!


Bright & Beaming




These bright colors together with her beautiful smile make her look absolutely beaming.  There is so much magic and power in this picture – and it truly represents what the Holi festival is all about. Who’s in for next year?!



All Inclusive


GettyImages/HindustanTimes/Hindustan Times


This beautiful and magical festival brings together people of all ages and all kinds – inviting both the young and the elderly, and has no limits and no boundaries. It’s one day where everything goes! The rules can wait.