The Imperfects: Everything You Need To Know

An immediate hit, The Imperfects premiered on Netflix on September 8th and quickly gained popularity among viewers around the globe. The supernatural-meets-sci-fi drama promptly made its way into Netflix’s Top 10 list and it doesn’t seem like it will be losing its well-deserved spot any time soon.

If you are into Stranger Things, X-Men, or Misfits, you’re most definitely in for a treat. This 10-part series is just the perfect (no pun intended) combination of science fiction and mystery to satisfy your binge-watching needs. Keep reading to learn more about Netflix’s latest hit show.

Getty Images / Future / Future Publishing

If you somehow still haven’t heard about the show, let us tell you a little bit about it. Starring Rhianna Jagpal, Morgan Taylor Campbell, and Iñaki Godoy, The Imperfects was envisioned by The Order producers Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen. The show follows three college students as they try to get rid of their newly-discovered, unwanted superpowers.

Seven years after undergoing an experimental treatment for a rare genetic disorder, Abbi, Tilda, and Juan notice they have developed very disruptive abilities and join forces to pursue the mad scientist who surreptitiously turned them into superhumans.