The Immense World of Ostriches

We may think that we know everything there is to know about ostriches, but sometimes we have an epiphany; we’re struck by a sharp understanding, somber and clear, and we realize that we actually know nothing about the terrifyingly vast world of ostriches. This also may or may not lead us to think we know nothing of the world at large. So, to stop us from spiraling down an epistemological rabbit hole, we’ve decided to list some of our favorite ostrich facts. We can only hope that they deliver us into an age of unwavering certainty and confidence.

Ostriches lay their eggs underground.

Gettyimages / Buena Vista Images / Roylaty-free

Coincidentally, this is also the reason why bury their faces in the dirt. Yeah, you may have heard that this is something they do out of gut-wrenching fear, but in reality, ostriches pluck their heads into the ground in order to move their kin while they’re busy spawning.

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