The Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt

You never have to worry about your ice cream melting on a hot summer day again.  There is now a 100% natural solution to this problem that’s been around since the beginning of time. 

Researchers at the Biotherapy Development Research Center in Kanazawa, Japan have discovered that by using polyphenol which is found in strawberries, they can prevent ice cream or a popsicle from melting for several hours.

The secret ingredient was actually found by mistake. The researchers had requested from a pasty chef to make confectionery using strawberry polyphenol, attempting to find usage for strawberries that were not of high enough quality to be used as fresh fruit.

The chef later found however that the dairy cream instantly hardened after adding the strawberry polyphenol, which helped researchers understand what this could mean for the future of ice cream.

According to one of the researchers, polyphenol liquid contains properties that make water and oil difficult to be separated. A popsicle therefore with this property would be able to maintain it’s shape for longer than usual and would not melt as easily.

Apparently it would maintain it’s shape so much that even when put next to a hot air dryer it would not yet melt.  It has been tested out by various sources, and the best findings so far was that it lasted for an entire three hours outside and even after it melted it still kept its shape for the most part.

The researchers began to sell their incredible ice-cream at the local ice cream shop in Kanazawa, and then later expanded to Osaka and Tokyo. For now it’s only available in Japan, but hopefully we will be seeing it across the globe in the near future.

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