The Holiday Cheer

This is the week of the holidays. As Hanukah has begun and Christmas is near, the holiday cheer and spirit is ever so present in the cool crisp air. Although not everyone is ever so blessed with the wintertime snow and cold air, there is something so special about this time of the year that it doesn’t affect much.

As we walk the streets, go shopping in the mall or even go to the local grocery store, it is quite apparent that the holiday time is in full gear. No matter what store one goes into there are always string lights hanging, jolly songs playing and friendly smiles all around.

This, in turn, is what makes the holiday time so enjoyable. People are cheery and for once not grumpy. It is more understandable that the stores are going to be busy and there is going to be a build-up of traffic. Why? Because, people are in town visiting their families, out buying toys or shopping for eight nights of Hanukah.

Even though it is one of the annoyances of the holiday times, no one really cares because when lights are up and the holiday time is here, everything is aye okay in the world and all anyone can do is cheer!