The History of Chocolate

Chocolate has provided the ultimate go-to sweet tooth for many people globally, be it for occasional celebrations or to fulfill mundane everyday cravings. The first type of chocolate – dark chocolate – came into existence as a highly fermented bitter beverage made out of cultivated cacao in pre-Columbian societies of the Mayans and Aztecs. This dark yet intoxicating beverage initially had a medicinal quality to it, but very soon, it became a luxury limited to the elite in Mexican and South American societies. Fast forward to 1795 when Joseph Fry made the first ever dark chocolate bar and used the steam engine to allow for its mass production.

Getty images/Moment/ ©fitopardo

Then around 1875, a second type of chocolate – milk chocolate – was invented. This became highly popular because of its smooth texture and rich flavor, but with consumers’ rapidly changing taste buds, an innovation became necessary with time. Nestle, in 1936, came up with a commercial alternative for milk chocolate. In its attempts to utilize excess milk powder during World War I and produce an alternative that remained solid at room temperature.
These three types of chocolates have been loved and consumed in the commercial market globally since their respective inventions. These three varieties catered to all sorts of consumer needs until the 2019 invention of Alternative chocolate that took the chocolate-utilizing brands by storm.

Alternative chocolate, or Ruby chocolate as it is commonly known, is a premium form of ordinary white chocolate carrying a similar creamy texture set apart by its pink fruity goodness. Due to its indulgent appearance and magical taste without the use of additional flavor, established companies like Unilever have jumped in to make Magnum the first ice cream company to introduce a ruby chocolate covering over its traditional white chocolate sensorial delight. This innovation has not just been limited to just ice cream brands. Costa Coffee went an extra historic mile by relaunching the idea of drinking chocolate with their exceptional product, Ruby Chocolate Hot. And with these launches, chocolate lovers are having a full circle moment. They are standing at crossroads where the history of chocolate consumption merges with delightful yet expensive innovations.

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