The Hipster Future Of McDonalds

Would you like fries with that? A hipster café has recently opened up in Sydney, Australia, in the Camperdown suburb. At the moment, this location is the only one of it’s kind. The menu is loaded with healthy options, such as vegan lentil dishes, and freshly brewed coffee by professional baristas. All of the orders are made on Ipads and the food, being a hipster café, of course is not served on plates, but rather on wooden boards. Because plates are so last year. The herb garden and tiled walls add some additional super hipster touches.  It doesn’t get more hipster than this right? So how could it be that this place, The Corner is owned by McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Australia has announced that the cafe is being used as a form of a learning experiment, referring to it as the lab. It is a chance for McDonald’s to do some test-runs, and try out different foods and drinks that they never have before.  Perhaps the McDonald’s we all know and have a love-hate relationship with will soon be making some serious changes and develop a healthier menu? Only time will tell.

One of the company’s representatives explains that The Corner serves various salads that are topped with Moroccan roast chicken breast,  as well whole grain brown rice options, chipotle pulled pork, sandwiches, eggplant, quinoa and lentil salads, and the highest quality of fresh-brewed barista made coffee.  The spokeswoman has also revealed that at the moment there are no further plans to expand the cafe to the UK, however fingers are crossed for it to one day happen.

If you’re hoping to find a Big Mac at The Corner, you’re out of luck.  But you can definitely bank on not feeling that heavy, icky feeling after a typical McDonald’s meal as well. And you will find workers with the trendiest uniforms in any McDonald’s location yet, with dark jeans and denim chambray shirts. This is a big stretch from the standard fast food chain’s uniform.

It’s almost as though The Corner is doing everything to not be McDonald’s.  The only evidence in the café that it is a product of McDonald’s is that there is a very small ‘McCafe’ logo on the front of their to-go bags. The sign outside, written in black lettering laid on a white background is written: The Corner.


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