The Hijacking Hoax

When it comes to hijacking a plane, there’s really no playing around in any way, shape, or form. Somehow, however, a thirty eight year old Indian man, Birju Salla, decided to stage a plane hijack for his own personal interests, to get his wife fired so that they could have more time to spend together, rather than have her constantly be traveling and working.

The couple met during one of his flights from Mumbai to Delhi, as Salla immediately fell in love with one of the flight attendants who he ended up marrying. Salla, a businessman from a wealthy family of Mumbai jewellers has been sentenced to life in prison for his crime, and is the first person to be sentenced under the Anti-Hijacking Act of 2016. What’s most ironic and strange however, is that Salla never had any intentions to actually hijack a plane.

He really just wanted to get his wife fired by placing a threatening note that he had plans to hijack the plane in the toilet so that the airline, Jet Airways, would close its operation in Delhi.  That way, she would be out of work and would have no choice but to return to Mumbai. His plan however didn’t exactly go as smoothly as he had envisioned.

Ever since the couple has been together, Salla has always felt that her career was always getting in the way of their relationship. After she refused his offer to move back and leave her job for him, he despised a ridiculous plan to get her fired. This for the record was also during the time that he already had another wife and child.

Regardless, he printed out the threat on a piece of paper, which was quickly discovered and led to the pilots feeling as though they had no choice but to make an emergency landing to protect their passengers. Police, however, once they investigated the message, realized that things didn’t seemed rather strange.

The investigation was able to led to Salla, and that he had actually used Google Translate his note to Urdu, in order to make it look as though it was written by Muslims. Cameras also then showed Salla handling the note with gloves, and even entering the bathroom to place the note.

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