The Highway That Runs Through A Building

There’s no doubt that Osaka, Japan has one seriously impressive skyline, and that the Gate Tower Building is a significant part of making it that much more unique with a functional highway running through it.  Yes, you read that right, this office building actually has a highway through it, and it should come as no surprise that pictures of the structure have been going viral all over social media for decades already, since in general, as you probably could have assumed, such buildings don’t tend to have highways going through them. 

And somehow, the traffic going through this highway doesn’t appear to influence those that work in the Gate Tower Building or their quality of work, or at least, that’s what they say.  The elevators of the building are to be found on the side of the building, making for a more comfortable trip up, and the highway doesn’t actually directly touch the tower either – preventing any kinds of vibrations or noises from traffic for disturbing the flow of the building.

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Nonetheless, it’s still one seriously unique concept – and we highly recommend checking out this building if you’re ever in the area, or better yet, passing through this building just because you can. 

You may also be wondering how such a thing even came about in the first place, and it was in fact the result of a long legal battle of waiting for permits and property rights. To make a long story short, after conflicting desires of what to do with the land after everything was approved, a compromise was made of still having the building placed there, but with a highway passing through it. Sounds fair enough, right?  The highway is actually considered a tenant in the Gate Tower Building and pays its rent just like everyone else.  Very cool. Who else is joining us on a trip through this highway? 

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