The Health Trend To Never Follow

While many of us aim to follow every health trend possible, here’s one so never follow at all costs (among many other crazy ones out there too, of course).

But believe it or not, the latest trend is to expose the hole of your rectum to direct sunlight for a period of 30 seconds a day. 

The claim is that doing so equals out to an entire day of sunlight exposure while clothed. Or at least, that’s what one self-proclaimed healer on Instagram has claimed in one of his serious viral posts. 

He also claims that doing so can provide more energy than a few cups of java and that it will even help to improve your sleep. 

But unsurprisingly, according to medical experts, such a practice can cause risks, especially since it is a sensitive area. Furthermore, as we’ve all been taught our entire lives, exposure to sunlight without protection is also risky and can cause skin cancer.

The trend has gone so viral that some sources have even claimed that certain celebrities are getting into it, while experts are taking a strong stance against this strange and unhealthy method. 

While getting your daily dose of Vitamin D is always good, there’s been no proof so far that this is the way to do it.

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