The Great Escape: A Man Who Drugged His Twin Brother To Get Out Of Jail

A convicted sex offender and burglar from Peru was captured by police a year following his great escape from prison.

Alexander Jheferson Delgado pulled off one of the most impressive and scandalous prison breaks in history at one of the most secure penitentiaries, Piedras Gordas.

Delgado’s identical twin brother Giancarlo came to the prison to visit him and deliver letters and food from friends and family.  The two brothers went into Alexander’s cell where he gave his brother a soft drink that was laced with sedatives.  He passed out and woke up to guards standing over him.

Giancarlo explained the situation to the guards, but they of course did not believe him. Only after checking his identity with fingerprints did they understand what had happened.

But this did not help, as it was believed that he was working together with his brother, rather than being his victim.  He was arrested for assisting his brother in his escape.

Security cameras of the prison show him wearing his brother’s clothes and walking out through several check points as he casually made his way out of the prison.

Several guards as well as the director of the penitentiary were fired after his escape. It was even revealed that the guards had not checked his arm for a stamp that visitors are given as they enter.

Alexander was a free man up until very recently when he was caught in a home in Callao, a city near Lima. Although not yet clear if someone ratted him out, there was a reward of about $6,000 for his capture.

Alexander claims to have used his brother to escape from prison because he was so desperate to see his mother.  So much so that he forgot all about his twin brother suffering in prison.

The recaptured criminal has another 16 years to serve in prison in the Andes Mountains, a maximum security prison, a place for only the most difficult and uncooperative of inmate of Peru. However it is not completely impossible to escape with 117 inmates that got out in a mass prison break in 2012.

In terms of Giancarlo his brother, he claims to still loves Alexander but that forgiveness won’t be easy after what he had to go through.

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