The Gorgeous Wives of World Leaders

They say that behind every great man is a great woman. What’s lesser-known is that behind every politician, there’s a smoking-hot wife. But these ladies are no slouches themselves. Apart from their looks, they are also multi-lingual, well-traveled, and have successful careers of their own. Let’s have a closer look at these first ladies who stand by their men, as well as on their own two feet.


Queen Rania of Jordan


Getty Images/Entertainment/Jordan Pix

Rania Al-Abdullah isn’t just any first lady. She’s married to the king of Jordan, which effectively makes her a queen. Fluent in both Arabic and English, this stunning royal is extremely popular in her home country due to her work towards educational causes and community empowerment.


Carla Bruni


Getty Images/News/Oli Scarff

The appropriate reaction to meeting Carla would be a jaw drop. The stunning former French first lady is obviously incredibly attractive. But the most shocking thing about Carla is actually her long list of talents: she’s a successful model, singer, songwriter, and actress. Both taller and younger than her husband former president Nicolas Sarkozy, we’d say he’s a pretty lucky guy.


Marcela Tedeschi



Although her marriage to then-Brazilian president Michael Temer is viewed as a bit controversial (seeing as her husband is 42 years older than her), the stunning former first lady doesn’t seem to pay much notice to the haters. In fact, she’s now a politician herself. Talk about a power move.


Princess Sofia of Sweden


Getty Images/Entertainment/Michael Campanella


With her soft and feminine beauty, Princess Sofia looks like a real-life fairytale princess. Her full title is quite a mouthful: Princess Sofia of Sweden, Duchess of Varmland. She only became royalty upon marrying Prince Carl Philip but also had a blossoming career of her own, working as a glamour model and star of reality TV shows.


Sophie Trudeau


Getty Images/News/Pool


Married to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, Sophie is much more than a pretty face. In her former life, she worked as a model, yoga instructor, and TV presenter, and is currently focused on her many charitable efforts. Justin and Sophie’s relationship began during their school years, and we’re not surprised he fell hard for this natural beauty.


Queen Letizia of Spain


Getty Images/Entertainment/Alvaro Calvo


Let’s be real: this Spanish first lady is a bombshell. As a mother herself, the beautiful wife of King Felipe VI is highly immersed in children’s causes. Like many of the other first ladies on this list, Queen Letizia is a winning combination of beauty and brains: previously working as a TV news broadcaster, she also graduated with a Bachelor’s and Licentiate’s degrees from the University of Madrid. Talk about a triple threat.


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