The Gorgeous Wives of World Leaders

They say that behind every great man is a great woman. What’s lesser-known is that behind every politician, there’s a smoking-hot wife. But these ladies are no slouches themselves. Apart from their looks, they are also multi-lingual, well-traveled, and have successful careers of their own. Let’s have a closer look at these first ladies who stand by their men, as well as on their own two feet.


Queen Rania of Jordan


Getty Images/Entertainment/Jordan Pix

Rania Al-Abdullah isn’t just any first lady. She’s married to the king of Jordan, which effectively makes her a queen. Fluent in both Arabic and English, this stunning royal is extremely popular in her home country due to her work towards educational causes and community empowerment.


Carla Bruni


Getty Images/News/Oli Scarff

The appropriate reaction to meeting Carla would be a jaw drop. The stunning former French first lady is obviously incredibly attractive. But the most shocking thing about Carla is actually her long list of talents: she’s a successful model, singer, songwriter, and actress. Both taller and younger than her husband former president Nicolas Sarkozy, we’d say he’s a pretty lucky guy.


Marcela Tedeschi



Although her marriage to then-Brazilian president Michael Temer is viewed as a bit controversial (seeing as her husband is 42 years older than her), the stunning former first lady doesn’t seem to pay much notice to the haters. In fact, she’s now a politician herself. Talk about a power move.


Princess Sofia of Sweden


Getty Images/Entertainment/Michael Campanella


With her soft and feminine beauty, Princess Sofia looks like a real-life fairytale princess. Her full title is quite a mouthful: Princess Sofia of Sweden, Duchess of Varmland. She only became royalty upon marrying Prince Carl Philip but also had a blossoming career of her own, working as a glamour model and star of reality TV shows.