The Fruit Of The Summer

There is seriously nothing better than going to the farmers market on a summer day and picking out all the delicious fruits we just have been waiting to eat. As happy and fun as this may sounds, we all have experienced unfortunate times where we can’t wait to eat a certain fruit and it just doesn’t taste right.

In this case, peaches are the fruit of the summer. Sweet, juicy and refreshing, peaches are one of the best fruits on the market. Unfortunately, there are times where we believe that we picked the best peaches on the shelf and they aren’t ready to eat.

Whether it is too ripe or harder than usual, luckily enough there are certain tricks to make sure your peaches are just right. If the peaches are not ripe enough to eat, it is suggested that we place them in a paper bag, close it and wait a couple of days. To speed up the process, it is also said that placing an apple in the bag will speed up the process due to the ethylene gas in the fruit.

Now if we get home and realize our peaches are too ripe. Have no fear, there is a way to slow down this process. Instead of feeling like we have to eat them in only a day or two, this trick will help save your lovely peaches from going bad. All we have to do is simply place them in the fridge.

These easy tricks seem like common sense but for some we were completely unaware of these ways. Now knowing how to preserve or ripen our sweet, juicy peaches, we will never eat a bad peach again.

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