The Fly Apocalypse

Lazorevy, a small Russian village in the Urals region has recently been taken over by swarms and swarms of giant flies. Similar to the horror film The Birds, by Albert Hitchock, just with flies, and a whole lot more of them.

It allegedly began when a farmer used chicken droppings as a natural fertilizer for his crops, which also just so happens to be the ideal place for these pesky insects to grow. From then on, the city has been covered with these flies that have been disturbing the local population, leaving some even too afraid to go out of their homes with these bugs literally everywhere to be found.

It’s been described as completely unbearable, and a real living nightmare. Despite authorities and citizens trying everything possible, they have not yet managed to keep up with them, as they breed far too quickly to be stopped. People have even considered using poisonous substances to get rid of these flies, however they are also of course afraid to breathe it in themselves.

According to experts, what the farmer had done was completely normal, and the invasion of flies that it led to was merely due to some bad luck. He claims that the chicken droppings are far healthier than other chemicals, and probably due to the weather conditions, with a very wet spring and then sudden heat wave, it led the flies to breed more than anyone could have ever expected.

The farmer, however, has refused to take responsibility, claiming that flies have been around for decades, and that they cannot really prove that it was from his farm. Using such types of fertilizer however is actually illegal in Russia, and an investigation has been started to look into the use of chicken droppings as a fertilizer. If the farmer is found to be guilty, he could face up to two years in prison.

Regardless of who is truly responsible however, the fly invasion still remains a serious problem without any hope in sight. Insecticide has been sprayed in the city of Lazorevy, but it was only able to help for a mere two days, with the insects returning right away.  Locals continue to spray, but they are also running out of supplies and patience, as they continue to grow in masses.

The innocent people of the city fear for both the health of their crops, and well as for their own health, especially since many flies are carriers of deadly diseases.

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