The Flower Farm In Tasmania

There are many places in the world where one can go to see all sorts of flowers in their natural habitats. From roses to hydrangeas, there are specialty gardens devoted to every kind of flower under the sun. However, if you’re especially fond of tulips, you’re probably going to love this news. Apparently, there is a farm in North Tasmania devoted entirely to tulips, and it’s pretty much the most Instagram-worthy experience ever.

Usually, when people think of tulips, the first place that comes to mind is the Netherlands. After all, the European country is known for its many stunning tulip fields, and experiences a huge boost of tourism during the “tulip season.” However, many people don’t know that Tasmania offers a similar experience! This island state of Australia is home to the Table Cape Tulip Farm, a gorgeous farm situated next to the seaside town of Wynard, on the Northwest coast of Tasmania. The area is renowned for its beautiful tulips, which are in full bloom during the Autumn months. This means that between September and November, the farm pretty much explodes with color, and social media savvy users have taken notice. These days, Table Cape is one of the most popular Instagram-friendly destinations.

Getty Images/Scott Thistlethwaite/Moment

There are quite a few things to do at Table Cape Tulip Farm. Visitors are able to walk through the long rows of colorful tulips, purchase flower arrangements and small souvenirs, and even learn how to grow their own tulip bulbs. Interestingly, one of the farm’s most enchanting features is actually not the flowers themselves, but the amazing view of the Tassie coastline. Visitors can look out onto a picturesque horizon which features the Table Cape Lighthouse, a local landmark. The farm’s exact opening dates change annually, but the tulip season stays pretty much the same.

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