The Fight Against Fake Meat

The fake meat market is seriously thriving, there’s no doubt about it. But believe it or not, not everyone actually agrees with this concept, just like not everyone agrees with eating meat.

Some critics have been arguing that fake meat isn’t healthy, and that it violates the notion of consuming GMO free, whole foods. 

Major corporations such as Chipotle and Whole Foods have regarded these plant based meats as too processed. The CEO of Whole Foods has expressed that he will not endorse such products, and that people need whole foods to thrive. 

When it comes to Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat’s fake meat products, it’s still too early to know whether or not they are good for our health. Some believe that since they don’t contain red meat, it avoids the cancer risks while still providing the necessary growth hormones. At the same time however, other critics still argue that this fake meat isn’t necessarily any healthier than real beef. 

Then there’s always the argument about the fact that factory farming hurts the environment. Fake meat can help reduce the usage of natural resources.  We’re still not left with a clear cut answer, and as popular as the fake meat industry may be right now, it’s still a very small portion of the American population. 

If it does want to take over eventually, the industry will have to seriously prove their arguments for fake meat. 

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