The February Supermoon

Anyone who was lucky enough to be outside, and take a look up to the sky on February 19th, was treated to a very special and unique experience. In fact, it was astronomically beautiful.

The full moon of February is referred to as the Super Snow Moon.  In general, a supermoon comes about when then the moon’s orbit is in the closest proximity to planet Earth, and in turn, it appears to be larger and brighter than ever before.

As if a full moon wasn’t exciting enough though, a supermoon is an entire thirty percent more bright, and fourteen percent bigger than a standard full moon.  With this being said, it’s a very rare experience where the rising of the full moon is truly noticeable.

During the February supermoon, the gravitational pull of the moon will also effect the oceans, making them standing out more, causing them to be a whole lot higher than usual.

Other than it being a supermoon, the reason for this known to be a Snow Super Moon is that February was known to be as the most snowy month by Native Americans early on, and was even once known as the Hunger Moon, since the large amounts of snow made hunting a difficult process.

If you missed it this year, make sure to mark your calendars for the next time around.

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