The Fanciest Wines to Grace the Earth

The sophisticated world of fine dining is not something everyone can or would like to stomach. But from time to time, a bit of worldly elegance can be rejuvenating (and also a great way to flex on people whom we may or may not consider to be beneath us). Besides, there are somethings we must all pretend to understand and care about; wine, the pseudo-intellectual’s beverage of choice, is obviously one of them. So gently don your finest suit, practice your savoir-faire and dinner etiquette, and feast your eyes on the most cultured grape nectars ever manufactured.

Giovanni Rosso Etna Bianco Doc ($34)

Gettyimages / AFP

Hailing all the way from the slopes of Sicily’s resident active volcano, Mount Etna, this wine was overseen by the renowned Giovanni Rosso winery. For those of us who need reminding (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone), the Giovanni Rosso winery is a family-owned winery that specializes in red wine made from Nebbiolo red grapes. This wine, however, is white. It is also refreshing, balanced, and infused with oak.

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