The Fake News Generator

A team of scientists have made it their mission to prevent fake news from being spread across the internet. In an effort to do so, they have in fact created their own artificial intelligence algorithm that creates incredibly believable fake news based on absolutely nothing.

The system they’ve created is known as GROVER and is capable of creating articles that are even more believable than real ones written by actual people, somehow. Not only can it write such news, however, but thankfully, it can also detect these fake news articles with a seventy-three percent accuracy rate.

Against itself, it’s accuracy rate is an impressive ninety-two percent, proving that it’s the most effective tool out there to detect fake news. If the system makes it’s way to the wrong people however, it could be very dangerous and could spread endless amounts of false information.

The scientists behind the project have plans to share their tool with the public to help them prevent fake news from taking over, which is very different than the view of other researchers who have been working on similar projects.

While it’s been agreed that GROVER is the best current system to prevent fake news, the risk of it getting to the wrong hands is still something that needs to be taken into consideration.

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