The Facial Optical Illusion Artist

Hoa Trang, a twenty-one-year-old self-taught Vietnamese makeup artist has learned to use her very own face to create some seriously impressive and crazy optical illusions.  Trang always had a passion and fascination for makeup, but it was never within her financial capabilities to pay for professional classes. For that very reason, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and teach herself how to be a professional makeup artist.  Way to go, girl. She did so by following a variety of Instagram influencers (such as Mimi Choi, one of her biggest inspirations), and watched endless tutorials online too.  If there’s a will, there’s always a way. 

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Trang began to play around with optical illusions on her face just three years ago, but since such a technique was so new and unique in Vietnam, she received no shortage of online attention, building herself an impressive following on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. But despite her success online, Trang has expressed that she still needs to be careful about her spending and save money to purchase these makeup products. In Vietnam, these types of makeup are both rare and costly, and her online popularity still has a lot of growing to do. We really hope that she continues to succeed and wow the internet with her work. 

She’s also shared that such a makeup style allows her to release her creativity, feeling absolutely limitless in her possibilities. And when it comes to illusions, you can really only imagine how accurate this is. Trang turns to both other successful makeup artists as well as to horror movies for makeup inspiration and has recently shared with her school newspaper that her goal with her facial illusion makeup is for others to stop judging people merely based off of their appearance.

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