The Face Slapping Championship

As strange as it may sound, the first ever amateur face-slapping championship actually recently took place. It was hosted by Krasnoyarsk, a Russian city who means serious business.

Participants of the unique, and of course rather controversial competition were to slap each other until one of them was knocked out.  It was held at the Siberian Power Show, a sports show held annually in March.

Last year there was a competition similar to this one, however included only professional athletes who fought for the title of the best face slapper. This year, those in charge decided that amateurs too deserve a chance at the gold medal.

Most of the participants were men trying to prove themselves, and unfortunately were not so aware of what they were getting themselves into, and how much pain would truly be involved.

Despite the rules of the same, although not (yet) an official sport, such as the fact that opponents are not allowed to be hit with the bottom of a palm in order to avoid injuries, as well as no hits on the ears or eyes, the hits are nonetheless incredibly painful.

Those in charge of the competition did not seem to feel that weight categories were needed, which you can only imagine the struggle that some little guys went through. The winner of the contest, Kamotsky was given $470 as well as a great deal of online fame.