The Extreme World of Cave Sea Diving

What do you get when you put caves and the deep sea together? Not sure, no problem. You get cave diving. That’s right, there are actually people who professionally cave dive. Now, if you aren’t keen on the deep sea or well caves, this definitely isn’t a sport for you. Cave divers aren’t just people who decide to throw on a wet suit and start digging around in the ocean. This is in fact considered to be an extreme sport because of all the risks involved with it. Now as an ordinary person, you may be wondering why anyone would do this and well there is a lot more to cave diving than putting your life on the line.

Getty images/Moment/ kittisun kittayacharoenpong

Firstly, to be a cave diver you need to have a love for the unknown, the oceans and well water. This is because when cave diving, you will encounter all these things. Let’s talk about it! You really can’t be someone that doesn’t love the ocean if you want to be a cave diver. Now we aren’t just talking about the beach and catching a few waves. Cave diving happens thousands of miles below the surface. So much so that all cave divers are required to have an oxygen tank attached to their bodies when diving. This is because you won’t be able to simply swim up to the surface when you need to catch a breath.

Next, you need to have a real appreciation for the ocean when cave diving. You can’t only like the water from a distance. If you are planning on taking this extreme sport seriously you need to have a real love for the ocean because you will be doing all your work in it. Now if you are someone who is scared easily or who doesn’t like dark spaces then this really isn’t for you. You see deep sea cave diving literally means to explore caves in the depths of the oceans. Although divers have headlamps, there really isn’t much natural light down there. But that’s not all, while diving you will need to go into caves that have been there for centuries and no one can really guarantee what you will find.

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