The Emotional Support Alligator

An alligator probably isn’t the first animal that would pop up in one’s mind when it comes to emotional support. But that surely didn’t stop 65 year old Joie Henney from getting his doctor’s approval to have an alligator in charge of saving his mental health. 

Henney refused to accept traditional medication for his depression, wanting nothing else other than a pet alligator. Wally is his new friend who he is reported to cuddle with on a regular basis.

Wally adores receiving hugs and being petted. Henney, who is afraid of cats, claims that there is nothing quite as soft and comforting as Wally, and is not afraid of Wally in the least bit. 

He has claimed that Wally, the alligator is just like a pet dog, and knows exactly how to keep his spirits up at all times, capable of sensing when he’s feeling down. According to Henney, without Wally, he’s not sure where he would be today. 

Wally and Henney go on long walks together in the park, go shopping together and even visit people in nursing homes. They have a very loving relationship with each other that is based on mutual support.

Although it’s not the kind of thing you hear every day, without Wally, Henney’s life wouldn’t be as joyous as it has become.

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