The Elite Smashburger

Starting with a ball of very cold beef—not a patty—it is then quickly seared to an incredible crisp in its own fats, creating a perfectly thin small uneven disc that is still juicy and bursting with incredible taste. It most certainly isn’t extremely thick, dare we say, somewhat boring dad-burgers that taste…a touch too… burger-y? There is undoubtedly a place and a time for something on your grill, but it is not now.

Getty images/Moment/ Burcu Atalay Tankut

These are just so unique in their own way. This smashed burger technique has a tumultuous past. Most people attribute the notorious Shake Shack, which was created in New York City, to the midwestern chain Steak n’ Shake. Other online searches refer to a little Kentucky burger joint called Dairy Cheer, where it is said that they discovered the secret to the best-tasting burgers: breaking the flesh with a bean can. Every burger needs a sauce that is irresistible and makes you dying for more! Sauces cannot be missed as the burger would be as dry as the Sahara Desert otherwise (not really).

The type of beef you use is also extremely important as it can make a night and day difference for you. Make sure that the beef you use has some fat in it and the meet to fat ratio should be 80 to 20. This will ensure that it is crispy enough. We also recommend adding a sauce into your burger’s meat as it will give it the extra rich taste. Although we recommend adding sauces, you can choose to go sauce less as the burger tastes well without any sauce, which gives you the option to go simple, if you want to keep things minimalistic. We definitely recommend adding cheese. Who does not like cheese?

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