The Electrified Road
Sweden has recently introduced a road that can charge the batteries of vehicles that drive over it.
It’s a 1.2 mile (2 kilometer) stretch of electrified road that is connected to Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. It now recharges the batteries of electric trucks and cars that drive over it.
The road uses conductive charging, which means that it transfers energy from two tracks of electric rail installed under the surface of the road to the vehicle through a movable arm attached to the bottom of the vehicle.
There is no electric current on the surface of the road, and the electricity level at the surface of the road is low enough to walk on even barefoot.
When the vehicle stops, the electric current is disconnected and the system calculate the cost based on how much the vehicle used.
Sweden hopes that their cutting edge technology will be introduced across the globe, and that it will take us closer to becoming less dependent on fossil fuels.

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