The Electric Guitar

When it comes to music, specifically rock music, the electric guitar is the most attractive apart from the drum kit. Everyone who watches someone play the electric guitar wants to play the electric guitar. That is why there are so many kids taking guitar lessons. With that said, you may adore this incredible instrument but not know much about it. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only person who doesn’t know much about the electric guitar. There are many people who don’t know much about it besides that it sounds cool. Luckily, you are in the right place for some great information on the electric guitar.

Getty Images/ Moment/ pedro arquero

This may come as a surprise, but the electric guitar was brought about in 1936 by the jazz musician Charlie Christian. Originally he was playing an ordinary acoustic guitar with a pickup attached to the body of the guitar. This was when the electric guitar was born. Since then the electric guitar has taken many different shapes and has had many different improvements to what you know it to be today. A basic electric guitar has around four strings but there are some that have more. Much like any other guitar, an electric guitar also has headstocks.

Now you may have noticed these on all stringed instruments and probably wonder why they are there. These are there to help the musician tune the strings of the instruments. This goes for the electric guitar. With that said, an electric guitar needs to be plugged into an amplifier in order for the audience to hear the sound it produces. You are able to adjust the sound you produce by adjusting it on the amplifier or by using the sound adjustment knobs on the guitar. You see there is so much that you can learn about the electric guitar.