The Electric Eel

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate the holidays, well it seems as though the Tennessee Aquarium may, in fact, have the answer for you.

They actually are home to an electric eel who is capable of controlling the lights on his personal Christmas tree. This epic eel is known as Miguel Wattson.  

According to the audiovisual production specialist of the aquarium, when Miguel discharges electricity, sensors in the water deliver the charge to speakers. The speakers take the discharge and turn it into sound, and lights up, giving it a festive, holiday vibe. 

Not only is this Christmas display incredibly festive, but it’s also highly educational too, as the amount of time that the illumination lasts says a lot of the status of Miguel.

If he’s trying to find food, the lights will blink rapidly and dimly. When Miguel gets excited (generally when he’s found the food), the flashes are bigger due to higher shocks of voltage. 

For anyone that’s not able to pay a visit to Tennesse during Christmas time, thankfully, he’s also got his own Twitter account (on top of his own tree), and he also holds his own strong social media presence by emitting shocks above a high level of voltage. 

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