The Effects Of Legal Marijuana On The Alcohol Industry

Based on recent findings, the fact that Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more countries could pose some serious issues for the alcohol industry.

Although it has not become legalized in most places just yet, it increasingly is becoming more popular and common. A company focused on the market analytics of cannabis recently published a new study in order to better understand what the effects of legalizing marijuana would have on the alcohol industry in the near future.

Their research has found that the legalization has had lead to an explosive growth in sales of cannabis, and they estimated that more than forty percent of people over the age of twenty one will start to use it.

Although an increased usage in marijuana does not directly link to  reduced alcohol consumption, the growth of one industry could surely effect the other, and this is something that the alcohol needs to be wary of.

Consumers may start to turn to cannabis rather than alcohol when they are looking to mix things up, or would like to go for a healthier alternative. The alcohol industry needs to start paying more attention to their customers, and understand that on certain occasions there will be a decrease in sales.

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