The Dwindling Earth: Beloved Endangered Species

Reality has to be faced at some point. Some of our favorite animals have been facing adversities on an existential level. And though we have been taking measures to ensure the survival of some of them, it isn’t that far-fetched that some of the most beloved species in the world will fade from nature. It’s happened once and it can definitely happen again. In this article, we’ll talk about a few of the wide array of animals facing the threat of extinction.

Giant panda

Gettyimages / Xinhua News Agency

Pandas are the huggable, snuggable kings of the bamboo forest. There’s no doubting the fact that pretty much all strata of society love the furry beast, which is exactly why their extinction is such a big deal. With less than 2,500 left of these incredible creatures, which pretty much all reside in China, giant pandas are definitely treading on dangerous territory. Thankfully, the Chinese government has been taking measures ever since the late 1980s to make sure our favorite bears will be with us in the years to come.

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