The Dr. Octopus Suit

The world’s youngest Bitcoin millionaire, as well as a serious Marvel fan, Erik Finman, has recently made it to the headlines for his new creation of a real life version of Dr. Octopus that actually works. His invention is a four-arm prosthesis to help those who suffer from hypermobility symptoms.

Finman is only 19 years old and began making money in cryptocurrency at the age of 12 years old. He was given a gift of $1,000 from his grandmother in Bitcoin. Today it is worth approximately $3 million, making him one of the most influential teenagers.

Over the past few years he has taken part in various projects, including work with NASA and different startups. His most exciting project yet however is without a doubt turning a 10 year old into an real life Dr. Octopus with the help of a prosthesis.

The young boy who he helped, Aristou Meehan, is a friend of the families and has hyper mobility syndrome, and always thought that having his Dr. Octopus suit would change his life.  He didn’t think it would actually be possible, however once Finman looked at it, he decided that it was worth a try.

The young millionaire got together a team of talented engineers and made it his goal to make his friends dream a reality.  Since such a thing is usually highly costly, they created it using 3D printing, with their own printer.  The entire process took about half a year and the results were highly impressive.

For now, the Dr. Octopus suit is merely a prototype that can lift some light objects, and of course make Artisou look super cool, but it also gives us hope that there’s a bright future. Finman believes that with some more work, one day the suit can lifts objects as heavy as a car.

Let’s hope he’s right!

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