The Double Life Cat

A family in Mexico recently discovered that their beloved cat had actually been living a double life, and no, we know that cats have nine lives, but this situation is completely different.

So what does this mean exactly? Well, similar to how a spouse may discover that their partner has another family and identity, this family discovered that their pet actually had another family and was living under another name. What’s even more shocking is that it all took place just a few blocks down from their home. 

The cat’s owner, Mary Lore Barra simply assumed that her cat spent long periods of time from home in order to claim his independence, and chase birds on the streets of Mexico.

But never in a million years would she have imagined that he had a second family. The other family was also equally as shocked, thinking that they too were the cats only family. 

When the cat, known as Pixi by the Barra family at least, came home with a new collar on his neck, the truth finally came out.  The next time that Pixi set out, the Barra family put a note on his collar.

And her plan worked, with Pixi returning with another note from his second family, revealing that he’s also known as Huarache. 

Thankfully, the families both took the situation well and have been continuing to share the cat even after their shocking discovery.

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