The Doodle Boy

There is nothing more relaxing and distracting than getting lost in one’s artistic doodles. As we sit in class and attempt to listen to the lecture or lab that is going on in front of us, it can sometimes be hard to overcome the thoughts of imagination going on in our brain. In the case of this nine-year-old boy, his doodles got the best of him when his teacher realized what he was doing during class time.

Joe Whale is a young boy with a large imagination and a creative mind. As he was sitting in class one day, his teacher realized that he was doing exactly but listening. Instead, he was doodling away in his notebook. Although his teacher did confront Whale about his lack of paying attention, she did take notice of his creativity and skill.

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After Whale’s parents were informed of this matter they continued to push their son to pursue his artistic abilities, sending him to art class after-school. As his artistic capabilities were noticed, a local restaurant caught the eye of his work, later hiring the boy to decorate the dining room of their restaurant. In turn, proving that no person should allow one’s comments to stop them from pursuing their abilities.

Joe Whale now has a presence on social media as well as his own website that is up and running. Whale refers to himself now as “The Doodle Boy,” which is a name that falls perfectly in line with his talent.

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