The Documentaries That Lied To You

A documentary is defined as a radio or television programme that provides a factual report on a particular subject.   Many people watch documentaries to learn a new truth and expand their knowledge.  And although the meaning of a documentary is in turn, a true story, there is nothing that can fully ensure that. Here are some documentaries that unfortunately lied.

Super-Size Me

Super-Size Me is a well known documentary about how an entirely fast-food diet can damage the body, and is believed to have encouraged McDonald’s to take on a relatively more healthy approach to their menu, mainly by getting rid of their super-size portion option. Spurlock, who directed the film ate an entire five-thousand daily calories and did not do any physical activity. Regardless of what he ate, he would have gained a significant amount of weight, since it is way above a normal amount even for adults who are active.


Zeitgesit covers popular aspects of Jesus in fact being a myth. This however involves astrology, which the film completely dismisses from the start.  There are about twelve zodiac signs, and it depends on which time period and which civilization is being discussed. But case in point, an argument cannot be made without enough research haven been done.

Bowling for Columbine

Bowling for Columbine is Michael Moore’s most popular film.  He attempts to depict a scene to show how simple one can obtain a gun in America. He acts on a promotion that has promised a gun to whoever opens a savings account at the city’s local bank. In the scene, he gets the gun and the bank after passing their security check. This was without a doubt staged since in the promotion it was advertised that the bank would give you a certificate to obtain the gun from a shop, rather than the bank.

White Wilderness 

The White Wilderness so called documentary has a scene of lemmings throwing themselves off of a ledge into the sea in order to migrate. This scenario is false in so many ways. For one it was filmed in the Bow River and not in the Artic Ocean. Further, the breed of lemmings depicted do not migrate and they were pushed into the water, they did not throw themselves.


This 2010 documentary shows a man setting water from the tap on fire, with the intention of showing that chemicals were set off by fracking and have made their way into the pipes. The film somehow forgot to mention that lighting tap water on fire in that specific area is a practice that goes all the way back to the Seventies, and is no unique concept.