The Difference Between A Bass Guitar And An Electric Guitar

If you are a lover of music then you must have noticed that there are two main types of guitars used in bands. This includes the bass guitar and the electric guitar. Both of these instruments are highly important in music and play different roles. Now when simply looking at them you may think that they are the same instrument that just looks a little different. This is where you are wrong. There are major differences when it comes to the bass guitar and the electric guitar. Now you aren’t wrong for thinking that they are the same because they do have similarities. But here are a few key differences between these instruments.

getty images/ DigitalVision/MoMo Productions

The first thing you notice when looking at a bass guitar and an electric guitar is the overall look of it. This speaks to the size of the actual guitar. Now a bass guitar is usually much thicker than an electric guitar. This makes it much heavier as well which is why you will notice that when people play bass guitars they usually make use of a holding strap. This helps them balance the weight of the guitar. Another thing you will notice when looking at these two guitars is the number of strings they each have. This is by far the most noticeable difference.

A bass guitar will have four strings whereas an electric guitar will have around six. Now there are some instances where a bass guitar will have anywhere from four to eight strings. Even though there are bass guitars with these many strings, it isn’t as common as ones with four strings. Lastly, we have to talk about the sound that these two instruments produce. Electric guitars produce a more high-pitched sound whereas a bass guitar produces deeper tones. There are many more differences between these instruments that you can have a look at when visiting a music store.