The Deep Sea Blue Pudding

While Japan’s Numazu Port was once best known for its breathtaking views of Suruga Bay and dreamy seafood dishes,  lately, most of the attention it’s been receiving has been due to some strange blue pudding.  This blue pudding found in the port town has gone viral after the Numazu Deep Sea Pudding Factory opened up back in July 2018. They clearly managed to leave their mark with their gourmet desserts, including special ice creams, sodas, and of course, puddings. It didn’t take very long at all for them to create a dessert that portrayed the very essence of Numazu – best known for its deep ocean pits surrounding Japan. 

In turn, this is how the Deep Sea Pudding came about – a unique blue dessert that could have just about any foodie or Instagrammer completely sold. The blue dessert includes a layer of no-bake pudding in order to represent the bottom of the ocean. It’s then topped with a deep layer of blue soda flavored jelly (sounds healthy, right?).  And while this dessert might not be the most complex or delicious one yet, it’s surely one worth nothing (and photographing). 

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It’s easy to understand why people became completely crazed with this bright blue treat, posting it all over social media as soon as the pudding factory opened up in 2018.  Rumor even had it that the Japanese pudding shop sold as much as 2,500 Deep Sea Puddings daily this past summer!  And while this specific pudding has proven to be their most popular menu item, the factory offers a wide variety of other unique sweets that are nothing short of impressive.  Their Morning Sun pudding (Asahi) is made from a blood orange jelly and marmalade – available only in the morning hours, and their Deep Sea Day with passion fruit and mango are both not to be missed items. 

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