The Debt Detector

Authorities in Hebei, China have created an application for smartphones that enables users to see if they are within a 500 meter distance of a person in debt, so that they can either report them, or simply publicly shame them.

Generally, failing to pay up your debts is something that is frowned upon across the globe. However China has decided to crack down on the practice harder than any other country by using a variety of techniques. Lately, public shaming has been found to be the most popular method.

This past year, the local government decided to show both the faces and names in short clips that were shown at the cinema before the main screening. Now the latest method is an all new app that can detect those in debt from 500 meters away.

The highly controversial app can be accessed through the social media platform ”WeChat” and the information of those in debt can be accessed through the app, making it a very simple process for people to report them.

Russia is the only other country that comes close to China when it comes to taking such extreme methods towards those in debt, with rumors that they even set up a special toilet outside for those in debt.

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