The Deadliest Animals On The Planet

The world’s most dangerous, deadly, and venomous creatures are a lot more small and innocent looking than you may think, far less terrifying upon first glance than mankind, or even sharks, but far more powerful than you could ever possibly imagine. We share our beautiful world with a wide array of unique creatures, for better, and for worse. Here are some you’re probably best off not coming across, looks aside.


The Black Swallower



Also known as the great swallower, this monster can digest things more than 10 times it’s on weight. It is not to be underestimated, and is not to be messed with, unless you are seriously massive.





The Narwhal is a medium sized tooth wale that holds a large ”tusk” from a canine tooth that protrudes. It lives in the Artic water around Greenland, Canada, as well as Russia.


Spiny Devil



The spiny devil is the only species of Moloch and is a small reptile that can be found Australia. Their diets consist only of ants and is never larger than 20cm in length. 


Sea Pen



Sea Pen’s are definitely up there for the weirdest looking creatures out there. In fact, they look more like a pen than an animal. Their unique appearance is created by several polyps, each of which holds eight tentacles. Some can grow to be more than six feet tall.