The Deadliest Animals In The World

Believe it or not, the world’s most dangerous creatures are not sharks and are not human beings. The world’s most dangerous animals out there are a lot smaller, and a lot more powerful and venomous than you think. Most of all, they are responsible for more human deaths than you would like to imagine, and you better hope and pray that you never come across one of them.


Box Jellyfish



The box jellyfish has a number of different species, and are all highly dangerous. The sea wasp box jellyfish, however is known to be the most deadly of it’s kind, in fact, so much so that it’s the most venomous animal on the entire planet.  If you don’t die from a sting from one of these guys, then not only would you be seriously lucky, but you’d be in indescribable pain.



Cone Snail



The cone snail is another sea animal that you do not want to come across. It can easily be mistaken for any other snail found on the beach, but it is highly deadly. A simple drop of it’s venom can kill as many as twenty human beings. If you are stung, you are done for.


Black Mamba



Although this snake may appear to be pretty innocent, he’s actually even more dangerous than the hooded cobra. It can chase it’s victims at an unbelievable speed and strikes faster than the speed of light.  What’s even more chilling is that it can chose to attack without any form of provocation.



Deathstalker Scorpion



This small scorpion may not look like much, but they are in fact the cause of nearly three fourths of all deaths caused by scorpions each year.  Children are more prone to these bites and more likely to die from them than adults are.  The bite is so painful that even if you manage to survive, you may very well wish you hadn’t. 


Puffer Fish



The Puffer Fish is one of the most deadly animals to be found in the ocean. They may look cute, but that’s not to be mistaken. If they feel threatened, they can puff out their protruding spines which contains venom capable of paralysing human beings, as well as stopping us from breathing, resulting in death.  If you eat this type of fish that hasn’t been prepared correctly, you can also die.



Driver Ants



These ants can be found in swarms as large of 50,000,000 and will work together as a team to attack even if one of them senses that they are in danger.  If you crush just one of them with your foot, the other 50 million will come after you, and their jaws will stay on your flesh even if you tear them apart.


Brazilian Wandering Spider



The Brazilian Wandering Spider is the most venomous spider in the entire world, or at least the Guinness Book of Worlds Records say so.  This little critter is so dangerous in that they have a tendency to wander, often found hiding around in highly populated places.  When they bite, you don’t even want to the know the kind of pain they cause.



Blue Ringed Octopus



This octopuses are around the size of a mere golf ball, but don’t be fooled by it’s small size. It has enough venom inside of it’s body to kill 26 grown human adults, and there is no antidote to save yourself.  Within bites of receiving a bite, you will be unable to breathe and paralysed from head to toe.


Cape Buffalo



The Cape buffalo are a highly aggressive species that live in the African grasslands, and are known to attack without being provoked. While they do not carry any venom, their impressive 2,000 pounds of weight combined with their ability to charge at 40 miles per hour is certainty just as deadly. Even shot in the heart, they will continue to charge at their victims.






Stonefish are not only dangerous due to the fact that they are the most venomous fish on earth, but they are can travel extremely fast, and are very hard to make out as they have a camouflage color. Their venom, if it doesn’t kill you entirely will cost you a limb at the very least. 


Giant Centipede



The Giant centipede is capable of growing into a massive 6 inches of pure terror and has got a pair of evil and venomous claws that can sting it’s victims. Their scores of legs make it as though they are never running in one specific direction, so you can never really know where to go if you come across one.






Generally, the Hyena is a scavenger, but if it choses to, it can hunt prey too. During times of high human death tolls, such as war, it can develop a taste for fresh human flesh. And if they aren’t enough already dead corpses for it, it will pursue humans to satisfy it’s cravings. Let’s hope we don’t come across one during a time like this.


Carpet Viper



This snake is actually the culprit behind most of the snake related dates in the world. He uses a hemotoxin, and unfortunately since in most cases the bites take place in locations that lack the necessary facilities and medicines to treat the victims, a bite from this snake generally leads to bleeding to death over the course of a few weeks, causing a slow and painful death. 



Komodo Dragon



Similar to Polar Bears, these dragons are not very particular when it comes to their food. They are willing to eat literally anything, including humans. In fact, they are even known to dig up bodies from shallow graves. They wait for their prey to approach and then rip out their throats. 


Poison Dart Frog



This colorful amphibian is powerful enough to kill an entire army of 20,000 mice through it’s poison. Oh and to make matters even worse, take note of the fact that their poison just so happens to be located on the surface of their skin. So if it comes anywhere near you, you’re done for. 



Giant Anteater



Don’t they just look so adorable together? Hug him, we dare you. Actually, seriously be sure to never even get close to one of these creatures, because they are known to disembowel you with their claws, and are known to kill human beings with mere swipe. Even jaguars and pumas know not to come anywhere close to these guys.


Flamboyant Cuttlefish



Although this creature doesn’t even seem to have any teeth, it’s still a whole lot more dangerous than you can even imagine. It’s poison will kill you within seconds if you come across one of these killers off of the coast of New Guinea or Australia.






As small and as insignificant as mosquitos may seem, they are in fact among the deadliest, with an estimated 700 million people getting diseases transmitted from mosquitos, resulting in 2 to 3 million deaths annually. You might want to think again before skimping on your bug spray.


Slow Loris



It’s hard to believe that a face as cute as this one could possibly hurt us, but you better believe it. It excretes poison from it’s elbows, and when it feels threatened in any way, they lick them and then bite. Humans tend to suffer from anaphylactic shock when bitten by this creature, and in many cases die from it. 



The Eastern Brown Snake



This snake can grow as big as 6 feet and contains no shortage of venom. It’s known to chase after humans, and when it bites, which it will at all times, you’ve got a mere half hour to make it to the hospital, or else. Let’s hope you never get yourself into such a situation.


Funnel Web Spider



Some say that this spider is the most venomous kind in the world. What’s especially chilling is the fact that these little creatures know how to sink themselves to the bottom of a pool and play dead. They are able to survive off of small air pockets attached to their legs. Next time you hit up the swimming pool, watch out. 



Red Tailed Hawk



This bird is native to all of North America and can grow to be around 3 feet. They are known to attack humans and are highly territorial when it comes to their nests. You do not want to mess with them, or they will mess you up with the massive talons.


Leopard Seals



They may be cute, but they sure as heck are not cuddly. They generally hunt for fish, penguins, and other seals. However back in 2003 it was reported that one of these seals killed a biologist who was doing research in Antartica by dragging her underneath the water and hold her there until she drowned to her death. 



Saltwater Crocodile



The Saltwater Crocodile sits at the top of the food chain and is known to eat literally everything from sharks, to water buffalos, to yes, humans too. It uses a unique technique to kill its food known as the death roll, in which it flips its prey over into the water until it drowns and then comes apart. 



Brown Recluse



This ugly and creepy little creature is in fact the predator of all other spiders, and is known to be one of the most deadly spiders known to man kind. You should hope to never come across one of these killers.






Alligators can be found in Southeastern United States and can grow to be a large as 15 feet. In general, they eat fish, birds, turtles, and mammals such as deer. However they certainly don’t mind eating humans too, with hundreds of attacks throughout the years, and a reported 12 deaths in the past six years. 


The Black Swallower



Also known as the great swallower, this monster can digest things more than 10 times it’s on weight. It is not to be underestimated, and is not to be messed with, unless you are seriously massive.






This creature has been known to eat cobras and for driving native species extinct. They are also capable of eating anything up 3 times their own size, so if you come across one of these, hopefully you weren’t dieting this year.


Leopard Seal



The Leopard Seal is a 13 foot long reptilian seal who eats mainly other seals and penguins, however they also have a reputation of killing humans.






Deaths due to these creatures are not an uncommon occurrence. Since they have terrible eyesight, they easily get startled and once they spot you, it can be hard to get away. Just look at the size of their horn, and be warned. 


Coastal Taipan



Coastal Taipans have got the longest fangs of all Australian snakes, and there surely aren’t any shortage of varieties. They’ve also got the third most toxic venom of any land snakes. Their venom affects the nervous system and the blood, causing nausea and internal bleeding. In some severe situations, death can occur within just 30 minutes. 






You’ve probably never heard of the Dhole who is a species native to Asia. It preys mainly of ungulates, which it hunts by chasing them after great lengths and kills them by disemboweling them. Although they are fearful of humans (thankfully) they are bold enough in packs to attack other large and dangerous animals. 


Bull Shark



Since this species of shark often live in very shallow waters and are found in many types of habitats. They also have zero tolerance for any form of provocation, and therefore are more dangerous to humans than other sharks.  Make sure you check up on the water you’re considering entering.



African Lion



Although humans are not generally their main target, some have been known to seek out human prey actively. In 1898, it was reported that 28 railway workers were killed by these lions over a period of 9 months.


Sydney Funnel Web Spider



These spiders carry a venom that has a compound that can attack the human nervous system and alter the functioning of all organs. When it comes from a male, it can kill.



Polar Bear



Unlike most other animals, the Polar Bear, the world’s largest carnivore is not afraid of humans. They have no natural predators, however they will eat anything that is even somewhat meaty. In general they don’t kill humans, but that might be explained simply by the fact that they don’t come across too many.


Common Death Adder



The common death adder is an ambush predator that knows how to sit still without moving at all. Unlike other snakes that attack humans by crashing through the undergrowth, these guys sit tight and can easily be stepped on, making them extremely dangerous for anyone that happens to be walking by. Their venom causes loss of motor and sensory function.



Cookiecutter Shark



Although this shark is only 2 feet long, it has the largest teeth relative to its size in comparison to any other sharks. It has a passion for hit and run attacks in the depths of the ocean, and based on it’s name, it takes its razor sharp cookie cutter teeth and will rip a chunk of anything it can get a piece of.





Most animals, when wounded, run away and hide. Leopards however, when injured simply become even more dangerous. They like to hide their prey out of reach and will drag them to wherever their heart desires.



Assassin Caterpillar



Once stung by one of these evil little creatures, their venom will cause internal bleeding and prevents blood clotting.  Your body, if stung, will swell completely and become highly tender. Your brain will be compressed leading to death. 


Indian Red Scorpion



Although it should come of no surprise that a scorpion is dangerous, the Indian Red Scorpion may very well be the most deadly of them all. Fatality rates for those unlucky enough to come across this sucker range between 8-40%. 



Irukandji Jellyfish



This incredibly small jellyfish is also incredibly powerful and surprisingly toxic, especially for it’s size. A stung from this little guy will give the victim Irukandji syndrome, which if not treated within 20 minutes can lead to cardiac arrest.