The Cryptocurrency Heater

Meet the very first crypto-heater, the Quarnot QC-1. It pays for itself as it generates cryptocurrency. and creates heat by two on-board graphics cards. For cryptocurrency miners, making heat is the biggest challenge.  For large crypto farms, they need to invest a great deal of money in cooling and venting solutions in order to make sure that the heat generated by their mining rigs to spread properly. In most cases, the heat ends up being waste.

Quarnot Computing has announced that they have created a solution that turns the heat generated into an efficient usable resource.The unique and innovative machine does not look even close to typical cryptocurrency mining machines. It’s super stylish and has a built in passive cooling solution, enabling it to work as a heater with up to a 650W capacity. The QC-1 has the ability to heat a 20 square meter room. On normal mode the heater produces 450W of heat, but if you need even more another 200W can be added.

In terms of cryptocurrency, it is designed to make Ethereum, but you can program it to mine another coin that your heart desires.  The heater contains a Linux computer and can be directly accessed.

According to the company, it takes a mere 10 minutes to set up, just plug it up, connect it to a router and enter your wallet address.The device will then begin to mine cryptos and send them to the designated address. The device does not take any of it and you can plan getting approximately $120 worth of crypto monthly.

During the winter months, the power used to heat your home should be pretty much covered by your savings from your QC-1, but in the summer unfortunately the situation is a little different.

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