The Crying Baby Detector

We all know that there’s nothing quite like getting stuck sitting next to a crying baby on an airplane. It’s as frustrating as can be, and often leaves us in an uncomfortable situation beyond our control.

Well, thanks to Japan Airplanes, it seems like we may be able to have more control than ever before over our flight fate. 

Japan Airlines has a new tool that allows flyers to stay as far away as possible from crying babies.  Before booking your next flight, you can now actually see where babies between the ages of a week old to 2 years old are seated. 

They will show up as baby icons on your seat selection, allowing you to choose a seat that will allow you to enjoy your flight in peace and quiet, without any added noise. 

While this sounds like the greatest thing to hit the planet since sliced white bread, there are of course still no guarantees. The feature still has certain limitations, and only works when booking through the Japan Airlines website.

Children who booked their flights through other platforms will not show up on the seat map as children, and even once you’ve book yourself a ‘safe’ seat, there’s always the chance that people will switch seats. 

As encouragement for the parents to indeed book through the official Japan Airlines site with your infants, they will be given diaper changing facilities, strollers and hot water bottles. 

Seems like investing in a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones is much easier – but hey, people in this century are always ready to think outside the box.