The Couple That Couldn’t Attend Their Own Wedding

We’ve heard of all kinds of unconventional weddings, but this one is surely a first – not attending their own wedding! 

A couple from Singapore had recently been in a village nearby to Wuhan,  where as most of you already know, is the center of the horrible Coronavirus epidemic. In turn, the couple didn’t show up to their own wedding due to fears of infecting others. 

Rather than taking the risk, or perhaps just canceling or postponing the whole thing altogether,  they actually decided to carry on with the show and live stream themselves in order to avoid spreading the virus to their beloved guests. 

They live-streamed themselves from miles away from a hotel room, feeling as though this was the right thing to do.  The bride wore a traditional white wedding dress, and they thanked their guests for coming and apologized that they weren’t able to physically celebrate with everyone, but are still very grateful and happy to see everyone, even from afar. 

The bride’s parents also were unable to attend as they had recently been in China too, so it was up to the bride’s sister to take care of the guests. All traditional wedding customs were still respected, other than the wedding dance, unsurprisingly.